Lists of birds from Notes on Sussex Ornithology

LISTS OF BIRDS FOUND BETWEEN SEAFORD BAY AND THE SOUTH DOWNS [List 1] December 1st. List of birds, rare and otherwise,  procured in the winter of 1846-7. [Vol. II,  Pages 15 and 16]   [Page 15] 1. A Grey Phalarope—Blat .[ chington ]  Pond, October  1 5th.   2. A Little Gull—Shingle Bank by Mill—October  1 6th.   3. A Purre   [Dunlin] —Shingle Bank by Mill.   4. A Ring-Dotterel—Blatchington Salt.   5. A Kingfisher—Tide Mill Sluice.   6 .  A Scoter or Black Duck—Shingle opposite Mill.   7. A Burgomaster Gull (young of the Great Black-backed Gull).  [Page 16]   8. A Kittiwake (doubtful, perhaps Black-headed Gull)       —both under Seaford Cliff.   9. A Water-Rail—Mr. Fa rn comb's ditches. 10 .  A Mew—Black-headed Gull. 11 .  A Jack Snipe — The Pells (unfit for stuffing). 12 .  A Moor-hen—ditto (unfit for stuffing). 13 .  A Snow-Bunting—Barrack ground and salts. 14. A Rock-Pipit—Eddy by Newhaven Harbour. 15. A Purple Sandpiper—